Free SpeedRunners Demo!

Hey everybody,

We recently released a FREE demo version of SpeedRunners!

Download it here: (Steam version, click "Download Demo") or here: (Standalone version).

The limitations of the demo are:
- you can only play offline
- you can only play on alley, ss royale and theme park
- you can only play as Speedrunner, Unic, The Falcon and Gil

Other than that, it's the same fun game you know and love! ;)

Host your own SpeedRunners Party!

The fun thing about the demo is that it's specifically geared towards a party setting, so it's easy to pickup-and-play. Simply connect a bunch of controllers (or a keyboard) and start playing!

The game will start off with 4 computer-controlled bots running around, but as soon as a button is pressed on a controller, that person will take over control of the bot. And when that person puts his controller down, the bot will resume control. Super easy!

The maps also auto-rotate, so it's a very streamlined experience.

If you want to show speedrunners at a pub or some other form of social gathering, we suggest you add +showmode to the command line arguments, and you won't be bothered by "buy now!" and "exit" buttons ;). Furthermore you can print this neat controls tutorial page and tape it to the monitor to finish your own SpeedRunners setup.

We use this setup at shows ourselves and the great thing about it is that it basically runs itself.



So, what else is new?

Hey all!

As always, it's been a while since our last update. So, what's been going on since we showed SpeedRunners at GDC?

Well, a couple of interesting things happened. For one, SpeedRunners was hand-picked by PewDiePie to be featured in one of the Humble Bundle Weekly Sales! Meanwhile, tinyBuild had a HUGE booth at PAX East, where they showed our game (as well as some other games they're publishing). And finally, I made a small mobile (iOS & Android) game that's going to be released soon.

The Humble Bundle Sale and PAX East combined well to give SpeedRunners a new boost in players, as the bundle sold over 60.000 units. At the same time, we released an update that added a Ranking system, allowing players to compete to be the #1 SpeedRunners player in the world. This helps in keeping players motivated to play for a longer period of time, which is something the game was lacking a bit. Along with a previous update we did, which added a level editor, the result is that the game is doing pretty well, in terms of sales.

Currently, we're focusing on adding one new feature (mid-game ...



We'll be at GDC in San Francisco the coming week. We're at the TinyBuild booth #232, next to the IGF Pavillion. If you happen to be in the area, come by and play some SpeedRunners!


January 2014 Wrap-Up

This Wednesday, we released the first iteration of the SpeedRunners Level Editor. A good reason for a blog post, right?

The funny thing is, I started working on it on January 2nd, so the development took me almost exactly a month. Of course, the level editor is far from finished and contains a lot of bugs, but we really wanted to share it with players and get some early feedback on it. After all, that what's Early Access is all about!

Meanwhile, Gert-Jan has been busy fixing some bugs and working on mid-game joining. This is going to be a really cool feature as well, as it allows players to find and join games more easily. Ideally, in the future, a player could start a match against bots and then have other players take over the bots during a match. So no more waiting for other players!

In the meantime, we're also looking into how we can facilitate tournaments more easily. The community has already took it upon itself to organize a few tournaments, and we've noticed the game is being picked up by the e-sports community as well. Both of which is really awesome! Now it ...


2013 Wrap-Up

Well, a lot has happened since our last post here :)

We've been pretty busy with the development and support of SpeedRunners, which left us with little time to post any updates here. We're very active on the Steam forum and on Twitter though, so if you want to keep up to date on any and all SpeedRunners-related news, we suggest you head over to the Steam forum or follow us on twitter. In 2014, this blog will focus more on general DoubleDutch updates.

2013 has been a great year for us, but before I start reminiscing, I want to give a quick update on SpeedRunners' development and talk about all the things that have been happening in the past few months.

First of all, we've pushed a couple of new updates to SpeedRunners. We're currently at version r20, and many more updates are still to be expected. The updates so far include (amongst many other things) a much-debated fix for the boost-jumping exploit, many important bugfixes, the addition of a new weapon (shockwave), a couple of new maps and the re-addition of the single player mode. For a full list of changes, see the SpeedRunners Forum ...


Update r13 - a new map & a tutorial

We just published another update that adds a new map and a tutorial. Check the Steam Forums for the full changelist.


Update r12 - 2 new maps

Production is really ramping up these days, as we've just published another update! This one includes two new maps (plaza and powerplant).

Check it out and let us know what you think of them!


Update r11 - Bots & Friend Invites

We just published a new build of the game that has two major new features that people have been asking for a lot.

The first is the re-introduction of Friend Invites. We had this feature disabled up until now because it wasn't working properly. Gert-Jan has been working hard on it though and it's finally ready. So you can now get private games going more easily by inviting friends.

Secondly, we've been hearing a lot of players mentioning the lack of a singleplayer mode. Initially, we were thinking about implementing a practice mode where you could do time trials in the multiplayer levels. However, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun, so what we did instead was WE ADDED BOTS!

So yeah, if you click on Custom Game in the multiplayer menu, you'll see these two new features (and a third one, but I'll let you find that one yourselves). You can add bots to any multiplayer game, it doesn't matter if it's a local and/or an online match, but you can only do it through the custom game menu.


Updates, updates, updates..

Hi all,

the last two weeks we're kind of crazy, as we RELEASED SPEEDRUNNERS ON STEAM last Monday. We also somehow got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to fly across the globe and go to PAX for a week only two days after that. Indie lifestyle, right?

Anyway, at the same time we've been working hard on improving the game and have already pushed a couple of updates. You can read about that over on the Steam Forums:

Of course, we've also got a couple of interesting updates coming up, which I'd like to tell you about right now.

First of all, the next update will include some relatively minor, but still important bug- and gameplay fixes, like an improved camera system. Secondly, we're going to start with "What if.." Thursdays. From next Thursday on, every Thursday will see a modifier being active for 24 hours.

The first "What if.." will be "What if.. all items were grappling hooks? (SpeedHookers!)", after which we'll see other modifiers, such as 'IceRunners', 'SpeedRapture' and many more! We've got a couple of them designed already ...


Release on Steam Early Access this Monday!!

Hi all, Casper here with a really short post. It's short because we're super-busy at the moment in preparation for coming monday, as we'll be releasing the game that day on Early Access!!


So, the long wait is finally over, you can start playing the game then (if you haven't played it yet during the Beta). It'll be available for $10 during Early Access, as opposed to $15 when it's fully released. Check out tinyBuild's site for more details, gotta go!