Free SpeedRunners Demo!

Hey everybody,

We recently released a FREE demo version of SpeedRunners!

Download it here: (Steam version, click "Download Demo") or here: (Standalone version).

The limitations of the demo are:
- you can only play offline
- you can only play on alley, ss royale and theme park
- you can only play as Speedrunner, Unic, The Falcon and Gil

Other than that, it's the same fun game you know and love! ;)

Host your own SpeedRunners Party!

The fun thing about the demo is that it's specifically geared towards a party setting, so it's easy to pickup-and-play. Simply connect a bunch of controllers (or a keyboard) and start playing!

The game will start off with 4 computer-controlled bots running around, but as soon as a button is pressed on a controller, that person will take over control of the bot. And when that person puts his controller down, the bot will resume control. Super easy!

The maps also auto-rotate, so it's a very streamlined experience.

If you want to show speedrunners at a pub or some other form of social gathering, we suggest you add +showmode to the command line arguments, and you won't be bothered by "buy now!" and "exit" buttons ;). Furthermore you can print this neat controls tutorial page and tape it to the monitor to finish your own SpeedRunners setup.

We use this setup at shows ourselves and the great thing about it is that it basically runs itself.



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