So, what else is new?

Hey all!

As always, it's been a while since our last update. So, what's been going on since we showed SpeedRunners at GDC?

Well, a couple of interesting things happened. For one, SpeedRunners was hand-picked by PewDiePie to be featured in one of the Humble Bundle Weekly Sales! Meanwhile, tinyBuild had a HUGE booth at PAX East, where they showed our game (as well as some other games they're publishing). And finally, I made a small mobile (iOS & Android) game that's going to be released soon.

The Humble Bundle Sale and PAX East combined well to give SpeedRunners a new boost in players, as the bundle sold over 60.000 units. At the same time, we released an update that added a Ranking system, allowing players to compete to be the #1 SpeedRunners player in the world. This helps in keeping players motivated to play for a longer period of time, which is something the game was lacking a bit. Along with a previous update we did, which added a level editor, the result is that the game is doing pretty well, in terms of sales.

Currently, we're focusing on adding one new feature (mid-game joining), after which we'll start long the process of wrapping things up. We're getting quite a few reports of players getting a bit frustrated with all the bugs that continue to plague the online multiplayer mode, so fixing that is becoming a higher priority for us now.

Finally, there's the mobile game I mentioned earlier. It's a small, funny, annoying little game, with crappy artwork and a horrible soundtrack and I'm really proud of it!
I started working on it on the plane home from GDC, after waking up one morning at GDC with the idea more or less finished in my head. It's a very simple game; implementing it didn't take more than a few days, so it's likely that it'll be cloned as well (if people actually notice it in the app stores that is). That's alright though, I had fun making it and it was a nice break from the stressful work on SpeedRunners.

I'll probably post another update in a few weeks or so, when we release 321 TAP. Until then, take care!


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