SpeedRunners Deluxe bundle DLC issue

Hi there!

If you've bought the Deluxe Bundle for SpeedRunners on the Xbox, chances are that the DLC doesn't get unlocked in the game. Whooops!

We totally messed up here, and are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible! In the meantime, a temporary fix is to un-install and re-install one of the DLC packs while you are in the game. So, for instance, go to the character select screen and click on one of the locked characters. This will open up the xbox dashboard, where you can manage the DLC packs. You only need to un-install and re-install one pack and return to the game.

Unfortunately, this only works for the duration of your session, which means you have to do this again every time you launch the game :(

Sorry about all this trouble! We're currently working on a solution and hope to get that published in a week or so!


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